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What matters most?

What matters most?


For the last eighteen months, production companies have been getting on with the job of working out what will make them soar in a changing environment. They’ve diversified, reinvented themselves, gone global, gone budget, gone Hollywood, got creative… By now, they’ve probably worked out what matters to them. And that may vary from one production company to the next. Candide McDonald of The Stable asked five production companies, including our esteemed Chairman & Founding Partner Paul Prince, “What matters to yours?”


Paul Prince, chairman & founding partner, Sweetshop


“We have a roster of thirty-three directors globally and with that comes a promise, always, to be continuously developing and improving their careers creatively. It’s a responsibility, and a trust put in us, that we take very, very seriously. What goes hand in hand with this is a duty as a company not to stand still and only do what we’ve always done, albeit done well. So, we’re developing beyond our core business of commercial advertising, evolving as a production company and as management, expanding our offering. In a sense, I suppose, we’re moving towards being more of an entertainment company. This opens many more doors of opportunities and offers broader platforms for our roster to express their creativity and their craft. For us and our roster, it’ll give us the pathway to develop stories that have many different forms – commercial advertising, direct to client content, music videos and music tours, feature films, screen development, passion projects, TV shows, books, photography. It’s a bold move, but we’re already seeing what’s possible with this pivot. These are directors whose creative talents have many layers and the excitement we’ve seen from them about applying these layers to our new business model has been absolutely inspiring.”


This article was first published on May 23, 2018. Read it here.