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James Blake video

James Blake video


Alexander Brown’s music video for James Blake ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’ has amassed critical acclaim from the likes of Paste, Promo News, Shots, Vimeo’s Best of Staff Picks and five star from David Reviews.


Here’s what they’re all saying:


The helium-infused vocals skitter around urgently without accelerating the beat; the woozy distortion suggests a driver about to lose control but who – disappointingly – refuses to take his hands off the wheel.The Sweet Shop’s Alexander Brown has really provided the perfect accompaniment. Headlong, hypnotic and disorientating, it’s footage of motorway journeys: picking up the flickers and dazzles and reflections and trails that hurtle towards us and flee past in our peripheral vision. But these are delivered in such vivid, impressionistic ways that it takes us beyond their origin; marrying them to the music to create something truly synaesthetic and utterly captivating.
David Reviews


The fluorescent street lights that pop on at night illuminate our environments, providing new perspective on things you wouldn’t give a second look in the daylight. In this music video for James Blake’s darkly beautiful song “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead,” white, red, and yellow lights reflect and flicker off of a moving car perfectly in time with the tune — glitches, stutters, and all. It’s easily a dark, trippy treat for your eyes as well as your ears.
Best of Staff Picks, Vimeo


Directed by Alexander Brown, the visuals add a whole new mystique to the track. Kaleidoscopic variations of sounds and images play with our senses as we drive around Los Angeles. With lyrics: “If the car beside you moves ahead / As much as it feels as though you’re dead / You’re not going backwards”, a pensive mood is quickly set.


Watch the music video here.


Production Company: Sweetshop
Director/DOP: Alexander Brown
Manager Director: Laura Thoel
Producer: Carolyn Pedrossian
Line Producer: Adam Nelson
1st AC: Chris Velona
Gaffer: Chris Kidder
Makeup/Hair: Angela Kate Blumer
PA: Matthew Cheaton
Editor: Avner Shiloh
Color grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ Carbon