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MAD FOR THIS AD: New York Festivals

MAD FOR THIS AD: New York Festivals


Writing for The Stable and its ‘Mad For This Ad’ feature in honour of the upcoming New York Festivals, Global Chief Creative Officer of VMLY&R Debbi Vandeven highlighted Damien Shatford and Colenso BBDO’s ‘I’m Drinking It For You’ as a piece of work that recently captured her attention.

This is clever, NYF. Made for this Ad rewards great work before it’s even entered.

Each week a top ad professional will serve as AdHunter for NYF and choose an ad that captures their attention. NYF show off that work and rewards it with a complimentary entry into the 2020 New York Festivals Advertising Awards.

First AdHunter was Debbi Vandeven, global chief creative officer at VMLY&R. She has selected Colenso BBDO’s I’m Drinking It For You, the humorous viral Valentine R&B music video created for client DB Export’s low carb beer.

“Different expressions of creativity are what fuels us in this business. So, when Susan Glass Ruse and Scott Rose and the team at New York Festivals asked me to contribute to their newly launched Mad For This Ad initiative, I thought it was a wonderful chance to honour a piece of work that recently captured my attention,” Vandeven stated.

“Congratulations to the team at Colenso BBDO,” Vandeven added. “I often ask our creatives around the world to put everything they are into everything they do, so it’s my honour to celebrate a team who used their unique gifts of song to do just that. Thank you for sharing your humour, your personal passions and your mastery of melody with us all.”

Colenso BBDO creative director, Max McKeon, commented, ‘I’m Drinking It For You’ is the perfect non-cocktail of insight, humour and love. So, it’s great to see international talent like Debbi Vandeven and The New York Festivals recognising the work. Beth, Thom, Levi, Wortho, Ahmad, Rob and all the James’ will be raising a relatively carb-free glass to this. Thanks to DB for seeing what it could be and Sweetshop for making it what it is.”

Week 2 AdHunter is Fede Garcia, global executive creative director at Huge. His choice is BETC Paris’ very relatable story of love for Lacoste, Crocodile Inside.

The idea for Made for this Ad came from Garcia. “NYFA is all about celebrating and rewarding great work. With Mad For This Ad we get to do more of that before the competition even closes,” explained Susan Glass Ruse, executive director, New York Festivals Advertising Awards. “Seeing a preview of creative work that’s impressing industry leaders before the awards season is an exciting indicator of what’s to come. The chosen campaigns are also rewarded with a free entry into NYFA, which is icing on the cake.”

“It was an incredible honour to be invited to join the NYFA Advisory Board,” Garcia stated. “I’ve always felt that it’s incredibly important to highlight and celebrate the kind of work that should inspire our industry. In trying to find an idea to celebrate work throughout the year, I worked with the team at the NYFA to find a way to regularly showcase the work that holds the level of excellence we should aspire to reach every day.”

“Because hindsight isn’t always 2020, we created this initiative to celebrate great work before it’s entered,” added Scott Rose, competition management & development, New York Festivals Advertising Awards. “The recommendations from these respected industry AdHunters is exciting because it’s sharing a worldview of creative work that is resonating with executive across the globe.”

This article was first published by The Stable on 1 November 2019.