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David Reviews: Five Stars

David Reviews: Five Stars


Mark Albiston and his Donkey, Kong get a 5-star review from Jason Stone at David Reviews for Mitre 10 New Zealand from FCB New Zealand. Read the review here:


Mitre 10: “Kong’s Out Again” – 45s


A donkey named Kong proves the ultimate escape artist in this entertaining ad for New Zealand hardware chain Mitre 10. Unlike its boisterous simian namesake, however, this pet beast causes more small-scale disruption.


His constant breakouts push dad to the edge, disrupting everything from shopping trips to a car wash disco boogie. When chain link fences and corrugated metal fail, dad seems doomed to accept Kong as man of the house… only for a blend of TLC and DIY to save the day.


As charming as the ending is, dad’s suffering draws the best laughs. His weary efforts to contain the hee-hawing menace (naturally beloved by the rest of the family) will chime with any pet owner who’s been in the inter-species wars.


Even if one’s DIY project is less high-stakes than this, the advertised retailer make an enjoyable bid for custom… and demonstrate a shrewd understanding of the equine mindset, too.


Film Production: The Sweetshop
Director: Mark Albiston
Producer: Andy Mauger
Cinematography: Marty Williams
Sound Recordist: Ant Nevison
Production Design: Neville Stevenson