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Drink it Through

Drink it Through


David Reviews has chosen Director Nick Kelly’s ‘Calum Murray’ spot as its Pick of The Day. Read the review here:


“Prolific director Nick Kelly has been responsible for some cracking work from Down Under lately – including spots for Canadian Club and Purple Bricks – and his knack for comedy is back in full force with this excellent ad for Dare Iced Coffee.


The first in a series, this film stars a baby who almost ends up with a truly terrible name. Luckily, the advertised coffee drink gives his dad enough time to think things through… and spares ‘Callum Murray’ from a lifetime of fish puns.


The film is nicely structured, as we see a flash-forward montage of how the poor kid’s life will play out if his unfortunate name sticks. From schoolyard teasing to hilarious traffic stops and botched wedding vows, each scenario is fully realised in just a few seconds. This is extremely entertaining work with a lovely laid back comic sensibility – and we’re particularly impressed with the baby’s incredulous expression.”