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David Reviews: Five Stars

David Reviews: Five Stars


Mark Albiston’s work for Spark from Colenso BBDO, ‘Play’ received five stars from David Reviews. Read the review below.

Spark – ‘Play’

How do you let a hulking, clingy robot down gently? That’s the premise of this slow-burning ad for Spark New Zealand, featuring a boy wise beyond his years and concerned about his his screen time.

The latter is represented by a Transformers-style mech, who just about fits into the lad’s bedroom and clearly plays a huge role in his life. As director Mark Albiston’s playful spin on adult break-ups shows, however, it’s easily cut down to size.

Both human and non-human performances are top-notch, as the boy tactfully puts his point across and the robot runs its finger around the rim of a glass. Of course, for the telecom giant’s outdoor playtime scheme to work, there may be an awkward conversation in store between parents and ‘Fortnite’-obsessed youngsters.

This article was first published by David Reviews on 4 December 2019.