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Creativity Editor’s Pick: I’m Drinking It For You

Creativity Editor’s Pick: I’m Drinking It For You


Damien Shatford’s ‘I’m Drinking It For You’ for DB Export from Colenso BBDO has been selected as Creativity’s Editor’s Pick.

The Review
New Zealand’s DB Export beer brand has been responsible for some pretty disruptive marketing in the past, including 2015’s Cannes-winning “Brewtroleum” project that turned brewing yeast into biofuel.

Its latest project is also memorable, although more for the ridiculousness of it than any technological innovation. Agency Colenso BBDO made a Valentine’s music video for its DB Export Gold low carb beer, in which a couple sing to each other that they are “drinking this beer for you.” With the line “don’t need two hands to hold you,” it seems to be a reference to the health benefits of a low carb beer, and the fact that choosing one could be a romantic gesture to your partner — and the video goes on to illustrate that with a series of tasks that you can do with one hand, such as playing the flute and, er, extending the patio.

The song is part of a wider campaign that includes “beer bouquets” for couples to give each other on Valentine’s Day, a remix of the song that plays in gym classes and a digital service that lets fans write their own lyrics and send them as a digital singing telegram to their loved ones.

Damien Shatford from Sweetshop directed the video, which starts singers Keshia and Tom. It’s silly stuff, but will make you laugh (and maybe even think about choosing low carb beer.)

This article was first published in Creativity online on 13 February 2019.