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Creativity Editor’s Pick: Bedroom

Creativity Editor’s Pick: Bedroom


Mark Albiston’s ‘Bedroom’ for Three Ireland from Boys and Girls has been selected as Creativity’s Editor’s Pick.


The review
Mobile phone ads don’t usually get political, even by implication, but mobile network Three’s latest ad for the Irish market reflects one of the country’s big economic issues–young people unable to afford to move out of home.


The ad, by agency Boys & Girls, shows a young couple chatting on WhatsApp about the dream home they hope one day to share together–but both of them are still stuck in their childhood bedrooms. It starts on a rather depressing note as they complain about the unfairness of it all, but then the spot becomes more uplifting as they communicate by phone and the two bedrooms fall together. We see them in their fantasy future together, with parties, dancing and a “couch to fall asleep on.” The tagline is “Be together, even when you can’t.”


“We wanted to create a brand film that recognised the difficulties facing young people in Ireland, yet still had a sense of magic and hope,” says Rory Hamilton, executive creative director of Boys & Girls. “Three’s network enables people be together even when they can’t, which is a powerful benefit when many are struggling to find a place where they can call their own.”


The spot was directed by Sweetshop’s Mark Albiston, who also teamed with the client and agency last year on a more light-hearted spot in which an office turns into a bounce house.


This article was first published in Creativity online on 14 January 2019.