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Adnews Emerging Leader

Adnews Emerging Leader


We’re so proud that Sweetshop Australia Executive Producer Loren Bradley has been named a Top 30 Emerging Leader in Australia by Adnews magazine, a list that includes no other production companies!


See the list here.


Congratulations Loren for this recognition. Hugely well-deserved.


Competition was really stiff for this one. As Adnews says, “The talent that was pitched to us through this process was phenomenal. Not only are we proud to shine a light on the next wave of leaders coming through the industry, but also credit is due to the companies they work for who have developed training schemes, mentorship programs and opportunities to develop these incredible people.”


Wilf Sweetland, CEO at Sweetshop said, “At Sweetshop, it takes us a long time to bring people into our organisation. It sounds cliché however people are our most important asset. We place a high level of regard on ensuring they are the right fit for our values, our culture, our reputation, our family and that they have ambition and bring with them creative integrity that sets them apart. It takes us a long time as these people are hard to find.”


Loren, we think you are awesome, and clearly so do so many others.