Noah Marshall and his Mercedes-Benz ‘Eat Dust’ film from The Royals gets a 5-star review from David Reviews.


Snap me if you can.


This fun Mercedes ad from down under gives hope to privacy-obsessed celebrities everywhere, as an X-Class V6 pick-up attempts to outrun a paparazzi hoard. Needless to say, the latter won’t give up without a fight.


The ensuing chase showcases the truck’s mettle as it navigates tarmac, water, and dirt. If only its pursuers could demonstrate such versatility, however, as they each succumb to ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’-style mishaps.


This caper-esque feel is amplified by Bloodshot Bill’s ‘Take Me For a Ride’, with his demented rockabilly gabble turning the ad into a gas-guzzler’s fever dream… or a struggling paparazzo’s worst nightmare.


This article was originally published on David Reviews on 21 January 2019.