29 Jun 2017

Andrew Lang's Russell helps mascots deal with underwear funk

Minor League Baseball mascots have it rough enough, having to sweat out their seasons in heavy suits and 100-plus degree heat. A new documentary-style campaign directed by Andrew Lang from Russell and its agency Barkley makes sure these mascots don't get underwear funk by giving them FreshForce Performance Underwear.

The first of three documentaries featuring the mascots centers on Chico the Chihuahua from El Paso. Andrew brings Chico's story to life through interviews with those who have to deal with him on and off the field. It shows that showers, powders and even cold compresses can't get rid of normal underwear funk. But Russell's FreshForce solves Chico's sweaty problem in this humorous campaign.

The effective mockumentary style and Chico's trials and tribulations are why this campaign has been voted the US Creative Work of the Week by readers.

Watch the spot here.

This article was published by The Drum on June 28, 2017.